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  • Sep 26
  • #925745

I have not received my payment Why,,,,

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I have been a VIP member of Dubli for a few years and have never had a problem until now. Cashing out my earnings was easy and fast. Now it is anything but. The website has changed and so, apparently has their ability to pay their customers. I believe they are siphoning off rebate money to pay the business builder side of Dubli. All you receive in response to emails is canned response from someone named Danielle who blames it on "technical... Read more

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Well like everyone else, I am not able to get my available cashback. I have been a members since 2013 and have received many cashback transfers without any problems, so I am really surprised to see this happen. However, I guess at this point I might as well accept that they are not going to pay me what is due. I have other cashback site that continue to be great for me...but less than what Dubli paid. TopCashBack -... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 08
  • #862378

Why are so many of the MLM run by people from Denmark or Sweden?

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I dont like at the new website. Nothing works like before; I can not even refer a friend!!!! I cant also no get my cash back! Besides all this 50% of the time it opens another window which directs me to OMINT - and cashback doesnt go to the same account; all very confusing!!!!

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I got an email that I had to create a new password to log in to the new system well after trying forever it can only be accomplished on your computer not a phone. But now that I have gotten back in I'm even madder. You can't get to your transactions ....pending balances are lower now by several hundred dollars probably because the amount the stores are paying are much lower now but the biggest problem besides my lost pending balance is it will... Read more

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I am having the same problems as everyone else. I submitted a request for a payout in February and have still not received anything. I am also having the same problem with logging into the "new" site, with no ability to use my old login or password. "Danielle" said they are working on it but after reading some of the comments, clearly that is not happening. I would certainly advise anyone considering either joining or even worse, renewing, a... Read more

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This company is the biggest scam. I spent 7,000 dollars and received nothing but promises and to recruit other to be taken advantage of as well. Instead, of scamming others i walked away with my dignity and pride. Anyone considering to join , do yourself a favor and save yourself alot of money and invest in something that doesn't seem like a scam. Learn from people like me whom learned the hard way. Read more

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I same thing has happened to me. I have asked for a cash payout the end of FEBRUARY and have been going back and forth with Danielle, and still no money has been deposited in my account yet. Now like you said the new website and I can't log in with my old id. Have requested a reset, haven't got that either. All I keep get is they r having problems. You think, where is my money. I think they have kept stalling us until they could ... Read more

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My experience has been the same as many others here. I received several payouts from Dubli last year totaling over $1000, so I thought all was fine, but I've been waiting for a "pending" payment of $200 for over a month now, and when I question them about it I get nothing but robotic form letters from "Danielle" at Customer Service. Now it seems they have a new website, but I can't log into the new site with my old password and they won't send... Read more

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