Dubli Fun shopping – a kind of gambling

Dubli – they call it a reverse auction. To show the price, you would spend around $0.80 and price would reduce by $0.25 for the next checking person.

In that way, Dubli earns $0.55 for each click of "Show Price"button. Prices of items start well above the market price. When the price comes down by clicking Show Price button, somebody else will buy it. So, for that item, everybody paid money to Dubli to reduce the price and one person buys at lowest price.

Others go empty handed.

It smacks of gambling.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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This is an OLD REVIEW! It is not even relevant anymore!

Dubli had issues with delivery trucks for auction products being hijacked along with the products in them, and because of that, they completely did away with the auctions. It is now SOLELY a SHOPPING PORTAL in which by using it and accessing the same name brand stores you would normally use, you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars you wouldn't have otherwise saved.

Do you honestly think that ANY of the top online shopping companies and major airlines and travel companies would associate themselves with a company that was working as a scam? If so, think again.


:) Its all good here, i got this camera for $363, i used one credit(AU$0.90) and then clicked the buy now button, i cant believe it got this low, why didn't someone buy is even at their start price


If you have to pay for the privilege to bid on something you are not guaranteed to win then you are ***.... :grin


Funny how I am meeting people who have actually won items in the unique bid and are VERY HAPPY with their items. I am loving saving at least 10% when I buy on the xpress. If you didn't advance in Dubli as a business, blame YOURSELF not Dubli.


i was a fool to be conned by this totally useless auction site that virtually has no worthwhile content to bid for, so much for the ebay comparison


:( Join as a premium associate in NZ. lost like US$850 working on recruitment.

Couple of close friends joined. No item competent enought to buy from. Unique bid also a rip off. Bloody ***, members don't win nothing but one lucky winner gets to spend $100s of credits and win something valued at...$400?

when tens of people spend $100s on same item. It's an expensive MLM gamble with v low chance of winning or bargaining anything.

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