I am sending out this warning to everyone I can. I know this company Dubli.com has a lot of people out there who don't want the truth exposed but here I am trying to help anyone who is thinking about becoming a Business Associate or Customer of Dubli.com when they go public on September 28, 2008.

Please do a lot of research before you spend a LOT of money getting in with this company. As far as the employee side, they are nothing more than a MLM pyramid scheme and as for the customers, they are nothing more than a online casino.

Please do your own research!!

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This is an OLD REVIEW! It is not even relevant anymore!

Dubli had issues with delivery trucks for auction products being hijacked along with the products in them, and because of that, they completely did away with the auctions. Dubli doesn't sell products directly to consumers. Dubli actually doesn't have ANY products at all! It is now SOLELY a SHOPPING PORTAL in which by using it and accessing the same name brand stores you would normally use (like Wal-mart, Sears, Macy's, Home Depot, Best Buy, Priceline, Expedia, Travelocity, Major airlines, and thousands of others), you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars you wouldn't have otherwise saved.

Do you honestly think that ANY of the top online shopping companies and major airlines and travel companies would associate themselves with a company that was working as a scam? If so, think again.

to Anonymous Sicklerville, New Jersey, United States #905114

Yeah, OK.


hey dude there is no quick way to make money...Dubli is not a get rich scheme its a legit business...is ebay a scam...is googke a scam...is yahoo a scam...n they are all online businesses and the people fortunate enough to have started these businesses are richer then you could even imagine....DubLi is a franchise type of business where people have the CHOICE to either own there own online presence and create an income from their customers just like ebay, google or itunes are already doing, or they can just be a customer themselves band get great value for top products. i mean seriously where else can you buy chanel, gold bullion and even CASH at a discount. Really do some research instead of blurting out your opinion...if anyone wants the real TRUTH about DubLi go to www.dbwealth.com

to Tinacam #977470

They don't talk about going to jail in there presentations


Did, I don't know where you are buying your products but go into any Best Buy store and you will find a Wii for $249.99. You and your company are a scam.


Hi Mike. You show where you see the Wii retail price at $250, advertise that and you will make a fortune.

Wii has never sold retail at $250 ever. You need to research more of where you get your info. It cannot be claimed as retail price on eBay or any 2nd hand, seller-priced type of sale. Retail means manufacturer's suggested price, not what someone is selling it for once they purchased it from someone else.

Wii retails from the manufacturer at $350! Period! Mike, what's wrong with a company making money? It seems you're pissed about someone making money off of you.

That's what business is all about. If you want to trade eggs for a CD or obtain a new Wii system by trading a car detailing service and vacation for 2 to Cancun, then you have got to be a caveman. Businesses make money by selling, by having a unique angle to their product, by filling a niche market. You need to get out and maybe go to business school to learn how the big boys play in the real world of business.

I have no problem with a business making more money than me from a transaction. I win! They just win bigger!

But hey, they thought of it not me so they desrve it. Grow up Mike!


I agree. This company lies.

They told me the products they were going to sell were going to start at 20% lower that you could get them anywhere else. Not only was that a lie to try and get my money but the products actually started out at a much higher price. When you do the math they are making a fortune. And even if you get the product in the end for cheaper than its retail price they make a fortune on its way down.

Take a Wii for instance. Wii retails for $250 and they are starting it at $350. It has to be bid down $100 dollars just to get to its normal retail value. For every 80 cents you use to see the price the products price only comes down 25 cents so it would take 400 hits to bring it down $100.

That means they make $320 on every $100 the price comes down.

If thats not greed I don't know what is. What a joke.

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